Top 5 Windows Launcher Apps to make your Android like Nokia Lumia


There are unlimited possibilities of Android. Adding just another one, which is quite interesting is that, you can make your Android phone like a Nokia Lumia phone. Isn’t that amazing?? And NO, dont’ worry you don’t have to follow any massive process, you just have to download an App, specifically a “Windows Launcher App”.

And there are bit too many windows launcher apps which is confusing. You just want few perfect apps that can do it for you. So, lets take a look on the Top five windows launcher apps that can make your  any Android phone like a Nokia Lumia device.

1. Launcher 7:Launcher 8

This is the most used and most reviewed Windows Launcher for Android. It can perfectly transform your Android into a Windows phone. It supports only 2 tiles per row or you can place one big tile instead of two

2. Launcher 8:

This is by far my favourite launcher. This looks the prettiest Windows Launcher. With a nice interface and adjustable and live tiles, you can place upto 4 tiles per row and the tile size can be adjusted nicely. It may have compatibility issues with your phone. If it is compatible with your phone, just go for it.

3. Windows 8 Launcher:

Customizable tiles with big and small tiles combination, upto 4 tiles per row allowing the features of live tiles also. Also notification count on the app tiles make it even better to feel. Overall this is good too.

4. Metro UI Lite:

This is not as good as the top 3 launchers but, still a nice app. Don’t download if you want to experience Windows on your Android for a longer duration.

5. Launcher 8 by Timo:

This is another option if you are not satisfied by the above launchers but, I don’t think you will need to give it a try, you must be satisfied with the top 3 launchers 😉

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