Android Nougat now running on close to 10% of all active Android devices

Android Nougat seems to be climbing up with a good pace when it comes to the usage in active Android devices. According to the Google Play distribution data collected up to 5th June 2017, Android Nougat is now running on 9.5 percent of all Android devices. The Android version has shown a good progress since April where it was running on 7.1 percent of all android devices.

Android Nougat

As shown in the data, the Android 7.0 version is running on 8.9 percent devices and Android 7.1 version is running on 0.6 percent device which adds up to become a total share of 9.5 percent. The usage share percent of Nougat has notably increased by 2.4 percent from the month of April. Going further, Android Marshmallow that was launched in 2015 appears to hold a total 31.2 percent share, same as it was in the month of April. Interestingly Android Marshmallow seems to have topped the list this time as Android Lollipop falls behind with a total 30.8% of share amongst all Android devices.

Android lollipop has seen a decrease in share as compared to the data revealed last month, where it was at the top of the table with 32% of share. Followed by lollipop is Android KitKat with 18.1% share out of all active android devices. Android KitKat has also seen a downfall as in April it was running on 18.8% of Android devices.

Finally coming to Android Jellybean, Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread, they are the bottom three with 8.8 %, 0.8 % and 0.8 % share respectively. Jellybean had a total share of 9.1% in April which was greater than 7.1% share of Nougat, whereas in the month of May Android Nougat went past Android jellybean with 9.5% share. While the share of Ice Cream sandwich remains the same, Gingerbread went down by 0.2%.

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