Which is the Best Rom for Galaxy POP/Mini GT-S5570?

Finding the Best Rom for Galaxy POP/Mini GT-S5570? Then, you are at the right place. Our beloved phone Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 has been among the favourites of developers. And that’s why, there are many good custom ROM’s build for this phone. But, this creates a confusion too, about which ROM is the best for Mini?

So, follow this post to know the Best Rom for Galaxy POP/Mini GT-S5570 and download & install it.

Firstly, to answer your question, the best Rom is:

Cyanogenmod 10.1 Jelly Beans (4.2.2) ROM

(by Rohan)   

(click on images to view in gallery format)

Working: Everything

Bugs: None

This ROM is completely stable and everything, just everything is working perfectly! I am myself using this ROM from 6 months and in the latest update all the bugs had been fixed. My experience with this ROM is just awesome! 🙂

It has pure or say raw Jelly Beans interface. No customizations at all. It is very beautiful, and mainly, it doesn’t slow down your phone. It is best for everyday activity.


ROM: Download here

GAPPS: Download here


How to Flash / Install?

Note: Follow this process carefully, if anything goes wrong your phone might get bricked . We should not be held responsible for it!

Requirements Before Flashing:

Instructions for Flashing:

  1. Download ROM; patches

  2. Reboot to recovery

  3. Take nandroid backup of your current Rom (Highly Recommended)

  4. Wipe cache and data (Recommended but not necessary)

  5. Flash ROM (step explained below)

  6. Step 4 again

  7. Flash GAPPS

  8. Step 4 again

  9. Reboot

Note: First boot may take 5-10 mins. Please be patient.


That’s it! Now you can enjoy this ROM and play with your Mini. If you have any questions please feel free to ask below in comments.

Your feedback about this ROM will be much appreciated. Like this post if you find it useful.

ROM Credit: Rohan007 & other XDA Forum members

Rahul Dubey

Rahul is a Professional Blogger and the Founder of 'Best Tech Guru'. He is a Computer Science & Engineering graduate and the passion for Technology & Entrepreneurship kept him away from a regular job, now he spends all his time with latest technology and loves to help people. He is a Tech enthusiast and has written hundreds of articles over the years on this blog. Follow @iamRahulD

98 thoughts on “Which is the Best Rom for Galaxy POP/Mini GT-S5570?”

  1. hi. i rooted galaxy mini .also done with rom files .
    now phone not rebooting. just disply the name of phone and blank……help plz….

  2. hi Rahul, first of all thank you so much. i am using this ROM from last aroung 6 month or so. this is really good stable ROM. but now a days i am facing unexpected problem.
    storgare error. it guess ROM is utomatically getting update & taking most of the internal space. as of now i am having only 2 apps (whatsup & facebook ) but i am still struglling with storage space. if your have any solution in regards to that kindly help me. i tried Link to SD & ext patches as well but still nothing much worked out.

    kindly do the needful.

  3. i can’t receive calls after upgrading my galaxy pop to 4.2.2. it says call subscriber is busy. but i can make calls. what to do now. help me out plz..:(

    1. I installed and too received the same problem. the XDA-Guys said “Perhaps the Rom is corrupted”.
      Reflash the rom from other source… But acc to me it is a bug in the unofficial release.

    2. Hi hmanshu, i also face the same problem, need to worry. please Flash the ROM once again now this time please dont flash the GAPPS. your problem will be resolved & you will be able to use playstore as well.


  5. saikat817
    after install aborted…pls follow this step 
    1.use odin software for install 2.3.6
    2.then root ur mob
    3.and again use odin for intall clockwork recovery
    4.and then try Cyanogenmod……

  6. its good what i am using with ur great help but there is one problem that
    when i press lock button the screen get off and then i again press lock buttn at that time it doesnt show any screen to unlock slide,pattern,
    plz help me

  7. Hey. Im stuck on boot. It doesnt go further than the samsung logo. Im using ClockworkMod Recovery on froyo 2.2.1 and I did all the steps, didnt fasj GApps and whatnot but its not going any further. Something Im missing? Do I need to root first or something?

  8. JobenUretaLim Hello.. I had similar issue before. I guess you are running on 2.2, first upgrade to 2.3.6 (gingerbread) and you would be able to see sd card options..

  9. Yashodhan Wagle To go back to 2.3.6 i.e. the stock Rom of your phone, you must have the Rom backup. If you did not made the backup at the time of flashing, then you have to download the stock Rom for this phone and flash it!

  10. the problem was ……….(cant open /sdcard/update.zip ) no such file or directory…
    what should i do now guys?…

  11. Hello all,
    As there have been too many comments, it is very difficult to reply to every one. So, if you face any problem first read all the comments if similar problem is solved there and take the help of the person who had the same problem.
    Also, I am listing some tips to be implemented if facing any problem:
    -First check if the problem is solved by removing the battery and restarting the phone.
    -Try re-flashing the ROM without flashing GAPPS.
    -Try re-flashing the ROM by wiping the the Dalvik Cache exactly one time before flashing the ROM and after flashing the ROM.
    Thank you!

  12. basooly0104 ya tired but its came ( error in/tmp/sideoad packad=ge.zip( status 0 ) installation aborted……
    what to do…?

  13. i have installed the Rom,but when i tries to connect via USB to my PC its not connecting 
    hoping for the Reply and thanks in advance

  14. Rahul Dubey basooly0104 oh ya right i forgot what i read up there lol
    but still ur job is graet 🙂
    thanks again 🙂

  15. bugs i had :
    *i don’t get any notification ( bluetooth request ,msg,calls … nothing apeares )
    *home button don’t work (it doesn’t have any effect )
    anyway to fix this , i really like this room but the status bar is a real prblm

  16. it was working good but when i shut it down and restart it was showing the same problems as below 
    so i reflashed rom again but now it shows that all my apps have stop working.For eg

    “unfortunately google play store has stop working”   something like that

  17. urgent i tried it its say installation abort after than my phone wont boot  its stuck showing model no
    wat i do

  18. do i have to root it again, and also can you add a pic for your status bar i think something is off i still love it though

  19. hey there is a problem i dont get any notifications . i cant receive anything from bluetooth ,cant understand when a msg is received etc
    please help me

  20. Rahul Dubey DominickAppleton 
    I receive this error code: /tmp/sideloadpackage.zip (Status 0) when attempting to install.

  21. basooly0104 Thank you for your nice words, but this ROM is not developed by me, the whole credit goes to rohan007 and other XDA forum members, I just share it with you guyz, just to make it easy to find the best ROM for this phone.

  22. Rahul Dubey basooly0104 lol thought about it
    and by the way
    ur room is soo good 
    i highly recommend for all who is worry and confusing u don’t have to !
    just download it and flash it it’s so good and fast and doesn’t slow ur phones 🙂

  23. Yashodhan Wagle few apps only, as most apps which need 4.0 + android version need good hardware and as Galaxy POP is less in hardware, no matter which ROM we use, those apps won’t work

  24. basooly0104 oh yes, actually, the screenshots are from earlier version which has been updated to 4.2.2 but due to no changes in the interface I uploaded the same images, bit lazy u know.. :p

  25. vijaiCruze basooly0104 nop u can normally download it if ur phone is rooted or not 
    but did u wipe cache and done the data reset/factory before flashing the rom and after flashing the rom is done? it’s recommended .

  26. basooly0104 vijaiCruze 
    ya.. but it doesnt work. wat to do with that Superuser app. Is anything to be changed with that app

  27. basooly0104 vijaiCruze
    ya i worked it out.. But got error likesome : /tmp/sideload/package.zip status 0
    And not completes with installation

  28. lol um hi there is something i didn’t understand
    in the screenshots it shows that it’s version 4.2.1 but in the article written version 4.2.2
    how’s that? 

  29. vijaiCruzeThis is the 4th step explained in detail:
    1. Go to install zip from sdcard
    2. Chose zip from sdcard
    3. Now select “cm-10.1.0-RC5-GT-S5570-tass.zip” which you downloaded earlier
    Now, let it complete and continue from the 5th step mentioned in the post

  30. Hey! Followed the steps but when I tried to install the ROM I got this error:
    /tmp/sideload/package.zip status 0
    Now the phone won’t boot 🙁

  31. haii.. i installed this on my phone samsung galaxy pop.. n its done.. but i am getting a major problem.. when someone calls to my number i am not getting any calls.. they r getting busy tone.. if i try to call from my phone its working.. but i am not getting any calls.. but other than this everything looks fine … plzzzzzz help me with this..

  32. whenever I try to install the cm mod from sd card, aftr a minute or so, it gets aborted…I tried redwnloading the file, but that still doesn’t help. Plz help me out

  33. Rahul Dubey IonutBogdanDragomir strange, after reflashing everything’s ok, cant imagine what was the reason for those problems,well, ty

  34. IonutBogdanDragomir Try reflashing the ROM without flashing GAPPS, this ROM has not any bugs like the problem you mentioned. For me, everything the home button, lock screen patterns, passwords, slide options, widgets everything is working fine. and please make sure your device is GT-S5570 only (not 5570i)

  35. Rahul Dubey IonutBogdanDragomir nop, home button itself, it doesnt wake device, if u assign functions for longpress they dont work, it doesnt send apps in background, also security things for locking screen dont work, things like slide for unlock, pattern, etc

        1. Rahul Dubey VindsterCruz i wasnt able to install google apps, But it doesnt matter ROM is working great… Ty for the rom ^^

  36. Hi,

    Is there any custom rom for POP that can help me increase the internal memory or do i have to partition my SD?

    1. karankapur1993 There is no such ROM which increases the internal memory. You have to partition the SD card, and that is very easy. 
      I am using Galaxy POP personally and I have installed the above mentioned ROM and partitioned the SD Card, my phone is working super cool. 🙂

  37. Hi,
    I followed above process for my android POP. For step 4 did not complete and got aborted on it’w own. Now I am not able to reboot my phone to previously android 2.3.6. Please help me.

    1. njain Hi,
      Please restart the phone in recovery mode. This is the 4th step is explained in detail:
      1. Go to install zip from sdcard
      2. Chose zip from sdcard
      3. Now select “cm-10.1.0-RC5-GT-S5570-tass.zip” which you downloaded earlier
      Now, let it complete and continue from the 5th step mentioned in the post.

      1. Hi Rahul Dubey
        Thanks for your prompt response. Well, I followed above method only as you described as (1.), (2.) (3.) but it got aborted after 1 minute or so. I tried 2 times. Fortunately, I somehow could recover by using odin multidownloader and firmware file.

        1. njain Rahul DubeyI have myself rooted my galaxy POP and then I have written these steps. Don’t know what’s going wrong with your device. I am glad that you were able to recover previous firmware. 🙂
          Thank You

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