How to Root Samsung Galaxy POP/Mini GT-S5570? Tutorial

Rooting Samsung Galaxy POP/Mini GT-S5570 is very simple you just have to follow this simple steps. And your phone will be rooted in 5 minutes.

Once you have rooted your device, you can install the Best Rom For Mini/Pop by reading this post  Which is the Best Rom for Galaxy POP/Mini GT-S5570?

Warning: Rooting your phone voids its warranty. And, this post will not work for phone with Baseband version is DDKC1 (see in Settings -> About Phone).

Before starting the root please make sure you have enough battery, about 60%

Step 1:

First download this file> ‘pop

Step 2:

Copy the downloaded file to the root of your SD card. [You can copy it anywhere in the SD card but, it is easy to find it there]

Step 3:

Switch off your Phone.

Step 4: 

Press ‘Home + Power On‘ button at the same time until the phone starts in the Recovery Mode. (In recovery mode, the touch does not works, use Volume keys for up/down, Home key to select options & Power key for going back)

Step 5: 

In Recovery mode select ‘apply update from sdcard‘ from the Menu.

Step 6: 

Now select ‘pop‘ from the SD card.

Step 7: 

Let the process complete.

Step 8: 

Select ‘reboot system now‘ option after the completion of setup

Step 9: 

After Reboot, check that ‘Superuser‘ application is installed or not. If yes, you successfully rooted your phone.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini gt-s5570  🙂

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20 thoughts on “How to Root Samsung Galaxy POP/Mini GT-S5570? Tutorial”

  1. i got my mob rooted.. and able to see supersuger application. but now mail/play store are not working. only internet is working. please help.

  2. how to downgrade my galaxy pop to 2.3.6 ….
    i have installed cyanogemmod 10.1 on it…. plz tell me

  3. yahooiamin Hello, the main purpose of rooting is to provide additional permissions to apps which is done by the Superuser app. If you delete the app, the apps will not get the root access. Do you still want to remove the app?

  4. i rooted my phone and then downloaded supersu bt i uninstall it as other apps are done(according to google play it had a special way to uninstall it which i did nt read) now my root based apps like rom toolbox or link2sd which i need badly donot work they show no root access and to update su binary bt that also does nt happen what can i do to get my root access back

  5. Rahul Dubey alphatucana Thanks – that worked. It didn’t let me delete all of them, but it was enough to double the available RAM anyway… by they way, if I need to ‘unroot’ the phone at some point, what do I do?

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