Nestle India partners with Snapdeal to sell Maggi online in India

As you all remember, Maggi Noodles were taken off from the shelves in the country due to the presence of high and dangerous levels of lead along with the monosodium glutamate (MSG) serving as the taste enhancer. After the gap of five months, Nestle India is resuming the sale and production of the instant noodles and has made a great move to make the return to be striking.

Nestle India has tied up with e-commerce site Snapdeal to sell the popular Maggi noodles. On their official Twitter handle the company stated the return of the instant noodles. The main point regarding the partnership is to make sure the availability of the noodles to every person as due to the ban of its sale in 8 major states it will not be offered for purchase in the shops over there. Maggi’s sample has been cleared by three National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

The online e-commerce site is selling the Maggi Noodles at 12 packs for Rs. 144.  However the noodles are not available on the site at the time of writing the news.

Suresh Narayan, CMD of Nestle India said, “The return of Maggi noodles on the eve of Diwali and on the day of Dhanteras is a moment of celebration for us. The Maggi noodles being rolled out now have the same masala taste that the consumers have always enjoyed”.

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