Google Assistant arrives on iPhone, Android running on 2 Billion monthly active devices

Google in its I/O 2017 developers conference announced that its virtual assistant is now going to be available on iPhones. Users won’t be able to replace the Google Assistant with Siri, but will be able to avail its features in a dedicated app from Google.

Google Assistant is considered more powerful than current version of Siri as it has added capabilities to respond on more complex questions. Google also has third party integrations which allows it to perform various tasks such as letting the users control their connected devices. Also the Google Assistant has a provision where you can type in the query instead of speaking which proves to be handy in noisy surroundings.

The advantage of Siri is that, Google Assistant is only available in English which could be bit of a hassle for its world wide users. But this is just a matter of time as Google Assistant is soon going to be launched with the support for French, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese languages.

Apart from the launch of Google Assistant on iOS, Google also announced that Android is now running on 2 Billion monthly active devices. As per Google’s vice president of Engineering, Dave Burke, Android has the largest reach of any computing platform of its kind.

With its latest version released in August 2016, Android has been claimed by Google officials to be “across all screens” – watches, cars, television sets, IoT devices and chromebooks, a class of low-cost laptop computers comprising nearly 60 percent of laptops sold to K-12 schools in the US. Android is also said to manage hardware and software including applications and programs for more than 80% of worlds smartphones.

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