Outlook Takes Over Hotmail Is No More


Microsoft’s new e-mail service Outlook has now completely taken over its aging e-mail service Hotmail. This was a massive transmission Microsoft has done, transferring about 150 petabytes of emails in just six weeks! The company revealed today that now hotmail is completely dead.

Outlook was launched in summer last year and it now boasts of having 400 million users. This is a huge number for such a new platform.

It was launched to eventually take over Hotmail and the transmission is finished now.

Two new features are also added to outlook which are:

  1. Availability of SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol)
  2. Integration with SkyDrive

If you are a user of Microsoft’s e-mail services then you have got something to cheer for!

Visit: www.outlook.com

Rahul Dubey

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