Facebook Suicide Prevention tools now rolls out globally

Facebook has started rolling out its suicide prevention tools in India. The tools have been made in partnership with AASRA and Deepika Padukone’s The Live Love Laugh Foundation.

Facebook has introduced the suicide prevention tools in all languages that Facebook is available in, including Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. The new tools will be available to the social network’s 148 million users in India, and will enable people to reach out to distressed friends directly or by reporting their posts to Facebook.

Facebook also introduced a “Help A Friend in Need” guide, which helps people identify when someone is distressed and what steps to take to get help. It also offers suggestions on how to approach their friend, what to say, how to react and what to avoid.

“The rate of suicide amongst the youth in India is one of the highest in the world. We are happy to partner with Facebook in this suicide prevention initiative. It is especially important to reach out to young people out there who are feeling depressed and encourage them to reach out for help.”

– Deepika Padukone, Actress and the founder of the Live Love Laugh Foundation.


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