Soon you will be able to share your Instagram Stories as WhatsApp Status

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  • Facebook reportedly testing new features for its social media applications
  • The new feature will enable users to share their Instagram stories as WhatsApp status
  • Currently under development and testing, no official word on the launch yet

Instagram Stories, since its launch last August has become very popular with its userbase. Since it allows the users to share the highlights of their day in various forms, using supporting apps, it has seen a surge in the number of users. To allows such users to increase their reach, Facebook had introduced certain features in the month of October, which allowed users to share their story highlights on the social media website as well. With the idea becoming popular and well received by the users, Facebook, which owns both WhatsApp and Instagram has started testing a feature which will allow Instagram users to share their Stories directly on WhatsApp, as statuses.

The WhatsApp Status feature, which is used actively by 300 million users worldwide, on a daily basis may see a surge in that number, with the introduction of this new feature. Talking about the feature itself, it allows users to post their decorated photos, videos, and GIFs on the instant messaging app. When posted, these are encrypted according to application settings of WhatsApp and as such disappear after 24 hours.


As of now, this feature is under testing and as such, has been rolled out to only a few number of users. As and when this feature will be launched, is not known. But when it is launched, it can be made available on your phone by using a publicly available code that allows users to integrate WhatsApp messaging with third-party apps. After the user has configured the application settings, all they have to do is, tap to share on WhatsApp from the Instagram sharing screen, and press the “send” button to post it as WhatsApp Status.

This move is being seen as a method to increase the number of users for Facebook Stories and WhatsApp Status features, that are not as popular as Instagram Stories. Once the stories have been shared on WhatsApp, a small Insta icon will appear on the bottom part of your status, telling the users that it has been posted on the user’s profile via Instagram. As of now, the feature is active only in Brazil where chatter has been detected among the users and local bloggers. Whether it’s going to be launched or not, it’s details are still unknown, but users should remain positive since Facebook has been trying very hard to bring the functioning of its applications and its social media platform in sync with each other.


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