Best App & Tips to get the Maximum Performance from your Android Phone

So, you have bought a great phone reading our Smartphone Buying Guide but what next? The next step is to get the maximum performance from your phone. Let’s get started.

Similarly like desktops, after some months of use your smartphone performance starts to decline. The load on the processor and RAM increases with every new app installation and every update. Hence, systematic management of your apps and device memory are needed to increase the performance of your smartphone.

There are various types of smartphones with different performing capacities out there, but all of them have their boundaries and with the help of following suggestions you can capitalize on your device’s performance capabilities.

There are various performance improving apps out there but to ease your way we have selected the most user-friendly performance improving app which is CleanMaster, available on Google Play Store; it focuses on various areas which can improve your smartphone’s performance greatly.


There are certain areas in the app to focus, let’s take a look:

Best-Practices-To-Get-More-Performance-From-Your-Android_2Install the app, clean residual and junk files from your android with the options present at home screen of app; this action will free a lot of memory space in your android device.

Check the app manager option, where the amount of total space taken by the individual apps is shown, with the help of these figures you can decide which app is taking the most space and you can take actions thereafter according to your needs.

Well, CleanMaster basically frees your storage and RAM which are the most important factors for your phone to work smoothly.

This app also shows the frequency of app in the app management section which helps you to know about the least used apps so that you can get rid of them.


Clean Master also allows you to download many complimentary apps, among them, the Kingsoft’s app in particular is also good. It enhances your phone’s security and privacy by scanning for malware, cleaning logs and other records.

Following tips are also very useful to get more performance from your device:


Regularly update your android version, latest versions may improve your device performance.

Select apps carefully taking in mind these two things:

1. Select an app which takes less memory between two similar task app. Say you want a media player so select an app for media playing which have good rating as well as take less space.

2. Select those apps which have multiple features for example UC browser for Android is a browser which has all the features of a standard browser in addition to that it contains various features such as QR Code scanner, screen shot of webpage, clipboard, QR generator and an unzip option.

Turn off animation from developer option and also turn off all the facility which you are not using at the time such as Bluetooth, Wi-fi, hotspot etc. Check the notification bar as well as settings of your android device.


With every update your app gets bigger in size. To release extra space, uninstall the app and reinstall the latest updated version but be careful your app data may get loosed in the process. Before getting into action synchronize your app data to Google servers and do uninstall only those apps; whose data get synchronized or there is no fear of app data loss.

Lastly, try to use high-speed memory cards.

So, these were the quick tips you should remember and if you follow them correctly, you can see a great difference in the performance of your phone right away

If you know of any other tips to improve the performance, you can share them via the comments below.

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