Unicode Consortium launches Unicode 10, will bring 56 new emojis to your smartphone

Unicode Consortium has finally announced the launch of Unicode 10 which brings a number of new emojis that will be rolled out to your Android and iOS devices in coming days. Back in March, the Unicode Consortium shared a list of emojis that might be included in the next update. The list has now been finalized and includes a total of 56 new emojis.

The Unicode 10 brings in 56 new emojis along with a major addition of 8,518 characters taking the total number of characters to 136,690. It is expected that the update will be rolled out in iOS devices with the new iOS 11 later this year, where as the Android users will most probably get it with the release of Android O. With this being said, it is still uncertain at present as of when exactly the new update will roll out to the devices as each manufacturer has to roll out the update to its devices separately.

Talking about the new emojis, they include new animals such as zebra, giraffe, and hedgehog, a few dinosaurs including a t-rex and sauropod, as well as other interesting creatures like a genie, elf, vampire, and more. There’s also some additional symbols included, like the one for Bitcoin. The new emojis also sum in few of the highly demanded emojis like Hijab, Zombie, ‘Colbert Emoji’, Scarf etc. You can check the entire list of emojis on Unicode’s own emoji chart and Emojipedia.

Added to the new emojis, the Unicode 10 includes a plethora of under the hood updates and improvements such as some new scripts that add support for lesser-used languages, integration of core specifications and data files under the same date, along with some Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm & UAX modifications.

Focusing on the future availability of Unicode 10 on Internet browsers as well as other supported platforms and devices, Unicode Consortium in its Blog Post stated that:

“The Unicode Standard is the foundation for all modern software and communications around the world, including all modern operating systems, browsers, laptops, and smartphones-plus the Internet and Web (URLs, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON, etc.)”.

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