10 Tips you must follow while buying new Laptop / PC

So you are planning to buy a new Laptop or a PC? If yes, then you might fall in these two categories:

  1. The one’s who go to the shop, tell the shopkeeper your budget and ask him for good laptops in that range, then you go by his words and looks of the Laptop and buy it!
  2. The one’s who research over the Internet and the market, decide your use, collect a brief knowledge about the models and their price and then go to the shop.

If you belong to the first category, then you are on the wrong track and will end up buying something that the shopkeeper feels is best for you. While spending a huge amount, this should not be the way, instead you should be confident about what you are buying. Do not worry if you don’t understand the computer terms that much, I am going to explain everything in simple terms.

For people who belong to the second category, there is a need to sharpen your skills and eventually select the best model and to help yourself as well as others in their purchase.

So, I am writing this post to give you some tips and things which you should remember while buying a new Laptop/PC:

#Tip 1:

Deciding the Configuration

First and most important thing is you must decide your use and select appropriate configuration for your computer. By configuration I mean selecting the Processor(Intel i3, i5, i7), RAM, Graphics, Screen, Hard Disk and so on.. Broadly there are 3-4 types of computer users for purposes like Work, Home, Gamers, Developers.

People buying the computers for work purpose(MS Office, E-mails, etc.) do not need much power. For them, i3 processors, 2-4 GB RAM will do the job greatly.

People on home need a bit better stuff for web browsing, movies, light gaming, and more. For such purposes, again i5 processors with 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard disk and a good screen resolution will be great.

For gamers and developers or multitaskers, there is an urge of power and strength. For these, i7 processors are best with 8 GB+ RAM, Full HD screen, 2 GB graphics card, 1 TB HDD should be the choice.

So, first analyze your needs and then decide what should be the configuration of your computer.

# Tip 2:

Deciding the budget

It is very important to decide a budget with a flexibility of 5 thousand more or less. Some people might say that deciding the budget should be on the first position but, in this competitive market, one or the other company offers the same configuration in low price also. So whatever your budget is, there is a fair chance that you will get your desired configuration in it.

#Tip 3:

Shortlisting few models

Once you have decided the above two things, then you can search on Google and find out products which match your configuration and your budget. Bookmark those pages which helped you finding the models. Compare yourself or take the help of internet to find the best and shortlist few models.

#Tip 4:

Read reviews and watch videos on YouTube

Start exploring the models which you have shortlisted. Read their full configuration and specifications. Also see enough images of the models and compare them look-wise. Also, there are so many reviews available on YouTube, search for your model and watch the videos. this will give you the real idea of  what the Laptop or PC exactly look and feels like.

#Tip 5:

Cut your list short

Now based on what you did above, you will be thoroughly knowledgeable person about those models and now you can judge few best out of your list. Cut short your list to 3 best models. And now you are ready for a ride to the shop.

#Tip 6:

Trend of the Market

Now, its time to put your shoes on and take a ride to few shops. Now, tell them your budget and about your research of the models. You will experience some difference in the price and the opinions of the shopkeepers. Many things change regionally like the service provided by the company is an important factor also there can be various offers on specific products.

Check these things and please do not forget to ask the shopkeeper any similar laptops in the same price range. As there are new launches and new technology every day, it might be possible that you have missed something on  the internet.

Briefly understand the trend of the market, take the price estimate and come back home.

#Tip 7:

Finalizing the Model

Now, you are on the right node to finalize the model. Consider all what you have done from the beginning and use all your experience you got throughout the journey and select the one. You might face the situation where your brain says one model and the heart says the other. If there are no major differences then please listen to your heart because the thing you will buy will stay with you for a very long period.

#Tip 8:

Making the Purchase

Carefully chose the shop which gives you the best deal and make sure it has good reputation. Now, talk to them and understand everything the warranty, accessories and everything in the deal minutely. If you are fully satisfied then its the time you can finalize the deal:)

#Tip 9:

Caution at the time of  taking delivery

It is very important to be cautious at the time of delivery of your Laptop or PC. Checkout the cautions below:

  1. Make sure the box is seal-packed and is opened in front of you
  2. Check the product completely and make sure its brand new and not the demo or display model.
  3. Make sure the bill they give you consists of their tax ids
  4. If your product comes with Windows OS, make sure you ask them to make a recovery disk of the OS. It is required if anything goes wrong in the future
  5. Make sure you got the warranty card
  6. Check all the accessories for any damage.

If everything is fine then you just made it! You bought your computer.

#Tip 10:

Bring your baby home 😉

The only tip for you is, be confident you bought the best thing![hr]

Your feedback is very important, please share your views in comments and do not forget to like the post.

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