New Moto G vs Xiaomi Mi 3: Which is the Best Phone under 15,000 Rs ?

The entry of Xiaomi in India has made the competition the tightest ever. The Xiomi Mi3 offers a hell lot of specifications, which we were used to see at the prices double of the Mi3. But, the Xiaomi Mi3 is available (its not available actually!) at just 13,999 Rs. and had certainly became the best choice under 15,000 Rs. and the previous best, the Moto G felt shy with the Mi3’s mightier specifications.

But the things have changed now as Motorola has launched the Next Gen Moto G now. The new Moto G still doesn’t offer better specs than the Xiaomi Mi 3 but are we really after the specs or we just want the best user experience and get our needful things done with our phone. Although specs have importance but they tell only the half story so, the later is true – we need best user experience. When we actually use our phones, we just don’t care about the specs and the numbers. All we need is the best experience with the phone so we can do anything we wish to without any lags and compromise.

So, where does the New Moto G stands in front of the Xiaomi Mi 3? Is it a better choice now? Before coming to the verdict, lets first take a look at their comparative specifications:

 Moto G (2nd Gen)Xiaomi Mi 3
PRICERs. [wpws url="" xpath="//*%5B@itemprop='price'%5D/@content" xpathdecode="1" cache="60" timeout="5"] @ Rs. [wpws url="" xpath="//*%5B@itemprop='price'%5D/@content" xpathdecode="1" cache="60" timeout="5"] @
OSAndroid OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat)Android 4.3(Jelly Beans) optimized with MIUI version 5
CPUQuad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 ProcessorQuad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor
SCREEN5 inches, IPS Capacitive TouchScreen5.0 inches, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
DISPLAY720 x 1280 pixels1080 x 1920 pixels, 441 ppi pixel density
CAMERA8 MP Rear Camera With LED Flash, 2 MP Front Camera13 MP Primary Camera, Secondary Camera: 2 MP
MEMORYInternal Storage 8/16 GB, microSD ExpandableInternal Storage 16 GB, microsd unexpandable
BATTERYNon-removable Li-Ion 2070 mAh batteryNon-removable Li-Ion 3050 mAh battery
OTHERS3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPSNFC, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS

So, should you go with the New Moto G or the Xiaomi Mi 3?

Basically, the new Moto G can’t even match the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 3 but, as I said earlier specifications tell only the half story. The Moto G is known for one of the purest and finest Android experience after the Nexus 5. The new Moto G comes with the most recent Android 4.4.4 Kitkat whereas the Mi 3 has also got the Android Kitkat update. The story doesn’t end here, the Moto G will continue to get the next Android updates and the company has already promised the upcoming Android L update for it.

The deal is not only about the Android version but it’s also about the User Interface which is the most important key in determining the user experience with the phone. The Xiaomi Mi 3 has the MiUi which is nice but it takes away the sweetness of pure Android whereas, the New Moto G has the stock Android UI which is great. Also, the upcoming Android L has an enhanced and a very beautiful UI which will probably look better than the iPhone’s iOS. So, the Moto G will provide you with the real essence of Android and with new updates, your phone will be always new wherever the Mi 3 will get boring in some months.

Another advantage you get with the new Moto G is that it comes with an expandable storage now so you can store everything in your phone, without compromising on space.

Let’s talk about the performance. The Moto G comes with a Quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Processor with 1 GB RAM whereas the Xiaomi Mi 3 comes with the Quad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor with 2 GB RAM. The Mi 3 is a clear winner here but, if the Xiaomi Mi 3 has great performance, the Moto G doesn’t have a bad performance at all. The Moto G is known for its optimization of performance. The Snapdragon 400 processor and 1 GB of RAM are sufficient to run the phone very smoothly, without any lags and you can even enjoy heavy games on it. Also, most of the user don’t need very high performance, the new Moto G is great to run your everyday tasks very smoothly.

The Xiaomi Mi 3 has Full HD screen which is better than the Moto G’s HD screen but the Moto G’s screen is also pretty good, sharp, bright and has good viewing angles. Also, another advantage with the Moto G is that its Dual Sim which is a necessity for most users.

When it comes to camera, the Mi 3 is has better camera than the Moto G. But, the new Moto G also comes with an enhanced 8 MP camera rather than the previous 5 MP camera. So, the 8 MP camera will give you sufficient quality photos and will not disappoint you. Coming to the battery life, both the phones give good battery backup.

And also an important factor is the availability of the phones. We have a report that says Flipkart has already imported 40,000 – 50,000 New Moto G handsets in India. Whether its true or not, one thing is sure that Motorola has a better supply chain management than Xiaomi. On the other hand Xiaomi has left many people fuming as their stocks go out of stock in just few seconds or just before you refresh the page. There is also a report on the internet that says that there are very less chances of the Xiomi Mi 3 coming back in stocks again at least for a few weeks as Xiaomi has said the want to focus on the newly launched Redmi 1S. This report also makes sense because Xiaomi’s next flagship – the Mi 4 has already been released in China so the company might launch it in India soon.

So the final verdict of New Moto G vs Xiaomi Mi 3 is that, although the Xiaomi Mi 3 has better specifications, the New Moto G is a better value for money and an overall package with the trust of Motorola, one of the best mobile company of all times. Also, you can get better after sales service for the Moto G than the Mi 3. So, the new Moto G or the Moto G (2nd Gen) is the best choice for 15,000 Rs.

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  1. Hi I want to buy this model, but i’m a bit confused in between Moto G 2nd Gen. and Micromax Nitro model, I friends say micromax is not Good, but the configurations are higher in micromax as compared to Moto G 2nd Gen. Please suggest me what Good to B…

  2. I don’t like phones with big 5″ screen and I don’t play games on a phone. I want a handy phone with a good 8mp camera and good loudspeaker/s. Can you suggest a phone for me, Rahul?

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