Huawei takes the First Spot in China’s smartphone market; Xiaomi sees a Decline

Huawei Technologies Co. has captured the first place in China’s smartphone market in the third quarter, dethroning its rival Xiaomi from the top place. The company has gained the first spot for the first time in its home country, after seeing an 81% rise in the phone shipments for the same period from last year.

After being the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the second quarter after Samsung and Apple, the company is getting the momentum for growth. The reports indicates that Huawei has managed to sell about 27.4 million devices in three months ended on 30th September, that is much higher when comparing Xiaomi’s 18.5 million devices sold in the same period.

Xiaomi is under pressure to maintain their high growth along with attaining the goal of selling 80 million devices this year that is a reduced number from the original 100 million target.

Despite of losing from Huawei, the company’s spokesman Tony Wei wrote Thursday on Weibo, the Chinese social-networking site, Xiaomi’s focus is user experience and product innovation, and not just specifically seeking flashy numbers and the top market seat.

Photo Credit: AFP

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