Google’s new Triangle app will effectively save mobile data used by individual apps

Google is reportedly testing a new app which will help the users save and manage their mobile data by blocking unnecessary usage from individual apps. The company is apparently experimenting with a new app called Triangle, which lets the users save their mobile data every month. The app is currently being tested with the users in Philippines.

According to a report on TechCrunch, the Triangle app will effectively block the individual apps that utilise extra amount of data while running in background. The users can block such apps from using mobile data for 10 to 30 minutes, or permanently as well. The users will also be able to see their prepaid mobile data balance on carriers like Globe and Smart and will also be able to keep track on apps that are eating up extra data.

Google in context with the app said:

“Triangle is a new app being tried out in the Philippines that helps you better manage your data usage and block unwanted background data”.

Apart from this, the carriers in Philippines are offering data rewards through Triangle, as well, which lets users download and try new apps without impacting data, and encourages the use of existing apps in exchange for extra data added to their accounts.

As mentioned earlier, the app is only available in Philippines as of now and there is no official news from Google about its official release. When asked by TechCrunch on further plans, Google replied, “We’re currently doing tests in the Philippines on ways to help users better manage their mobile data. We have nothing further to announce at this time”. The statement certainly indicates that it might take a while for Triangle to release globally.

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