Google Photos reaches 1 billion downloads mark on Play Store

Google Photos, the great photo/gallery app is turning out to be the most popular app from Google. It has recently been reported that the Google Photos app has hit 1 Billion downloads on the Play store. Google Photos is apparently the 22nd app to reach 1 billion downloads mark. Before Google Photos, Instagram was the one to be downloaded 1 billion times on Play Store.

One of the reasons for app being so popular is the ease to manage images without the distress of permanently loosing them. Apart from this, the app also provides free cloud storage to keep the memories safe. With that being said, Google Photos is one of those apps that comes pre-loaded in most of the Android devices which gives it a little benefit over others.

Google Photos was recently updated with a new Archive feature which basically hides photos from the main feed.  The users can now remove the images from main Photos section without deleting them from their library. The Archive option can be seen in the navigation drawer represented by three dots just above Trash.

The new feature can prove to be useful in hiding the less important photos from the main photos tab without deleting and loosing it forever. It will be helpful for the users in organising the photo gallery in a way they desire and also to keep their photo feed clean. The feature also helps in keeping the personal images safe without deleting them.

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