Google initiates Beta Testing of Google Search App for Android; You can also join

Recently, the search engine giant Google has commenced the beta testing for its Google Search app on Android, allowing the enthusiasts to test the new features before public release. For accessing the features you have just to sign-up that can be done easily.

It is said that the company is trying to promote the test through a Google Now card that is alerting the users to be fit and participate in the beta testing. The alert says “play with experimental features before they’re released”, willing users have to visit the sign-up page, if they are not able to see the card and select the Become A Tester option to begin.

With sign-up, there may not be any major changes in the app and you won’t get a Google Beta app, just the normal Google Search App will upgrade from 5.3 version to 5.4 version build. The update will bring on some additional features to the search process, voice commands, Google Now and etc as many Beta testers have stated.

Image Credit – WonderHowTo

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