3 Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India

Now-a-days smartphones and other electronic gadgets have become the most important part of our day-to-day life. The evolution of mobile phone industry has gone so far, that made smartphones so common that every other person is now carrying a smartphone. They are available from Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 1,00,000. Consumers today don’t think about the price of smartphone or any other gadget, they just buy whatever they feel is good for them, even if it costs their one month salary. And protecting such costly phones from accidental or water/fluid damage is a task. Even if we succeed in that, we can not protect it from theft or burglary.

So, how to protect your smartphones from all these damages? One way, “Insurance”. Yes getting insurance to your phone is a smart way to protect it. The smartphone or gadget insurance is provided by an insurance company to cover up the incidents like theft/loss/damage etc. to compensate the cost of the smartphone in accordance with certain terms and conditions. For example theft of a mobile from an unattended vehicle is not covered under mobile insurance or loss of phone due to personal negligence is also excluded. However, terms and conditions of insurance differ from company to company.

So let’s take a look at the 3 best mobile insurance companies in India.

1. Times Global Insurance:


Times Global Insurance company may not be known to many, but in our research, we found that this company is the most reputed in gadget insurance sector. The Delhi-based insurance company provides insurance not only for smartphones, but also for Tablets, Laptops, TV and other electrical appliances. The Times Global Insurance provides 100% Cashless Insurance of accidental damages/water spills or screen cracks. They also pay 90% of your smartphone bills in case of lost/theft/stolen anywhere in India. The company claims to provide 24*7 customer support and zero-hassle claims. And if you didn’t claim for any case, they might also refund your 50% and 25% premium amount in 3 year and 2 year plan respectively. The company has dedicated plans for iPhones and 3 different plans for other smartphones. For example, if the price of your smartphone is between Rs 3000 to Rs 15000, then you can choose a Rs. 2460/year plan and so on.

Get full pricing details here: http://www.mymobileinsurance.com/

2. Syska Gadget Secure:


Syska Gadget Secure is the most renowned smartphone insurance company in this list. The subsidiary company of Syska LED has aggressively marketed itself to be the most famous gadget insurance company. The Syska Gadget Secure provides insurance for smartphones, Tablets and LED TV. For smartphones and tablets, the company has introduced 5 different plans. The plans start from Rs 799 for devices that are priced between Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 10,000 and goes up to Rs 2,999 for devices that are priced between Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 1,20,000. They allow insurance claims for theft/ loss/ damages. Apart from that, Syska Gadget Insurance also provides some add-on applications like Pocket Money, Syska Total Security, Hungama-Free Songs & Videos, Magzter – News and Magazines, etc.

You can view all the plans from Syska Gadget Secure here: http://www.syskagadgetsecure.com/

3. Quick Heal Gadget Insurance:


Quick Heal Gadget Insurance incorporated with New India Assurance Company provides insurance for Android smartphones only. The Quick Heal Gadget Insurance covers smartphones from theft/burglary, physical, liquid and fire damage. Apart from that, it also provides additional security such as Virus protection, mobile tracker, intruder detection and Cloud backup. The insurance plans vary from Rs. 599 to Rs. 2,499 depending upon the price of a device. The plans here offer claims to reimbursed with the amount assured in your insurance plans.

You can view all the plans and other details of Quick Heal Gadget Insurance here: http://www.quickhealgadgetsecurance.co.in/


There are also other mobile insurance companies like Appsdaily insurance, National Insurance Company, Oriental insurance company, Warrantyasia.net, and Gadgetcops.com but, the 3 listed above are a little better than them.

Also, in recent times, mobile phone companies are also introducing their own insurance cover program. Apple has launched Apple Care+, Samsung has launched Samsung Protection Plus for some of its phones (US only).

Recently, Xiaomi has also announced its insurance cover program in India, called ‘Mi Protect’. It covers accidental damages including water damage, drops, extrusion or collision. The one year insurance cover program costs Rs. 275 for Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 prime, while the other plan which costs Rs. 499 is applicable on Mi 4i 16GB, Mi 4 16GB and Mi Pad.


Every company has different terms and conditions for claims in case of loss/damage of smartphones. Please read it carefully yourself before choosing any insurance provider or insurance cover program for your gadget.

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11 thoughts on “3 Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India”

  1. Dear Al
    I think u have done full home work about mobile insurance company. Our experience with Syska is very bad. It is not syska but it is kishka. Amount lakay kishka means kishak jana. Before giving articale I request u to go in details about the company like its owners history, Incorporatin date n their share capital. U should take details of toal insurance accepted n passed by Company like syska. Before giving articale u should take revirw from user. They r trap just giving word negligence in insurance books. Means in any case under this word they reject claim. So v request u take proper data from such company n than give artcale after proper analysie d data. Here v do not want to say all your views r not proper but take little care. Ok thnx for provide us platform for our view which v can write here.

    1. Move to Times Global Insurance my friend. Believe me friend this company is awesome.
      Syska is just spending all customer’s money on advertisement and promotions. Times Global Insurance is actual worth of your premium amount.

  2. Certainty I will also rate Times Global Insurance as No 1 company and brand for Mobile and laptop Insurance.Reason – Amount of Rs28900 credited in my bank account today..it’s unbelievable coz just today morning around 11am only I filed for a claim and around 5.45 on I got 100% credit in my account. ..awesome
    But I can’t comment about other companies as I don’t have idea about other companies and their terms and conditions.

  3. I dont agree with Mr koustubh not because I doubt his ability because he is saying what has been told to him . So only the real end users can tell from their own experiences whether a product is good or bad. And on that basis I would like to warn everyone that plz don’t fall into the trap of SYSKA SECURE . I am cheated . If u don’t want to lose money plz dont fall into trap of SYSKA. I dont know about other companies coz I have not used their product. Thanks guys . Use your mind and stay alert .

  4. I am nt agreed with this article coz other then Times Global insurance all other companies are just fraud and cheat.
    I am working in a financial consultancy firm and those who did insurance from Times Global Insurance gets claim on time and others are just getting fool by companies and trying to complete their unnecessary documentation including Me.
    I now switched to Times Global insurance.

  5. After Reading this article I understood that why my uncle rang me up on iPhone 6 s plus and asked me to get it insured from Times Global Insurance.Good Job Guys.

  6. I was Dealt as a customer Not As a TRANSACTION“Honestly, it’s such a small thing but I really appreciate great service delivered in a delightful way. I m in the process of renewing.The business matters were efficiently and professionally handled, and I will be re-signed onto either a renewal of my current policy or another policy through Times Global Insurance shortly for my laptop. What I really wanted to emphasise was what a delightful, easy, confidence-inspiring and just hugely positive twenty minutes it was for me to get my claim. It was a stand-out experience and I was dealt with as a customer, as opposed to a transaction. Good service is rare these days.”

    Communication and staff so easily accessible and helpful – will certainly recommend Times Global Insurance. Why has it taken us so long to find such a company.

  7. I m from Mumbai and working with one of the leading media group. Most of my office colleagues have taken online insurance of their iphone and smartphone frm Times Global Insurance.
    I m gonna buy a note 5 for my hubby so I wud surely go for Times Global insurance.

  8. Times Global Insurance is only company who care for its customers, I did insurance my iPhone 6s from syska and Times Global Insurance, since I m a big fan of Irfan khan, but when I got a side hairline crack, syska just denied but Times Global Insurance gave a quick response and paid 100% amount to apple care.Great service.

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